LOOKOUT VALLEY, HAMILTON COUNTY (WRCB)-  Some Lookout Valley residents say they are tired of people dumping tires on the side of the road. One man took his concerns to the city.

"I had picked up 30 tires on Saturday alone," says Alex McKeel, who lives in Lookout Valley.

McKeel says he feels several emotions every time he finds tires dumped along the roads.

"Disgust, anger. I mean, my family's lived out here for 200 years and I love the scenic beauty of Lookout Valley."

He says the tires dumped off Birmingham Highway and Cummings Road take away from that. And he is concerned about the potential health hazards.

"No telling what's in 'em," says McKeel. "And when it's a rainy day you got water coming in on them and washing whatever was in those tires, oil or gasoline or whatever."

McKeel says he is convinced whoever is dumping the tires must be doing it at night because Birmingham Highway is such a busy road.

"I think they're doing it at night time just to, so they can get away with it," says McKeel.

He says he called the city. They told him they would be there in seven to 10 days to pick them up.

"We have several favorite sites of people that dump," says Doris Parham, Code Enforcement Inspector Supervisor with Neighborhood Services.

She says picking up discarded tires is a constant battle in the city and is going to personally make sure the tires in Lookout Valley get picked up.

She says the city has three refuse sites where people can take up to four tires a day for free.

"Take them to the proper disposal site," says Parham.

She says the responsibility ultimately falls on the property owner. In this case the tires appear to be on the city's right of way.

But she agrees with McKeel's message.

"Dumping on the side of the road is just not the answer," says Parham.

"Come and get your tires. I mean come on. I know you don't want to have to waste your time going to a recycle center, but, hey, it's right for the environment and it's right to keep a scenic community scenic," says McKeel.

For a complete list of refuse centers, click here.

You can also check with private companies to dispose of the tires.