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New TVA Watauga Dam warning system and 11 changed

ELIZABETHTON, TN. (AP) - The Tennessee Valley Authority has installed a new safety warning system at Watauga Dam in Carter County and is changing alerts of water discharges that can cause rising waters below 11 others.

The Watauga Dam warning system is to begin operating Monday.

Horns will not be activated at night so nearby residents will not be disturbed.

Warning systems at 11 other dams are being changed by Oct. 30 to activate only strobe light warning systems at night. Those dams are Appalachia, Blue Ridge, Cherokee, Douglas, Fort Patrick Henry, Great Falls, Norris, Ocoee No. 1, South Holston, Tims Ford and Wilbur.

Warning systems at the other eight tributary dams and the nine dams on the Tennessee River will not change.

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