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Monday, September 26, 2011

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Most expectant mom's can't wait to hold their bundle of joy, but women who have an intense fear of childbirth are deciding on a C-Section -- even after psychological counseling.

Swedish researchers analyzed delivery records of over 350 women who were referred to a OB-GYN unit for their fear of childbirth.

They found these women had a higher number of emergency and elective C-Sections as well as induced deliveries than their peers with no fear of childbirth.

He says while fear isn't the main reason, a number of women are concerned about things like having a weak bladder and other issues that can come with giving birth.

He also says he stresses to women who are fearful about childbirth, that just because someone else had a bad experience, that is not the norm.

Dr. Brody went on to talk about the studies he currently has underway. They range from diabetes to dealing with hot flashes.



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