CHATTANOOGA (WRCB)- A hip-hop music duo created a bit of a scene Monday night in downtown Chattanooga.

The group known as 'Jokers Wild' is shooting a music video in the Scenic City.

It is not everyday you see the flashing lights of paparazzi on the streets of downtown.

"You know I think it's fun. How often do you get to see Chattanooga on TV unless it's 'COPS?'" says Melody Hood.

Hood owns Innamorata Photography and has worked in Chattanooga for the past 11 years.

She recently linked up with the hip hop group 'Jokers Wild' to direct a music video for their new single 'Long Hair.'

"It's amazing that we're getting to film a music video in Chattanooga because this is going to be seen all over the world," says Hood.

The duo, originally from Huntsville, Alabama, says it was a no brainer on choosing the location.

"Everybody showed us so much love and we like the scenery. We checked out the Arts District and we seen the support that they have for musicians and artists," says Brandon Foxx, aka 'Mista Freezy.'

And all the glitz and glam of the shoot created a little bit of buzz on the streets of downtown as people passed by.

"They didn't know what was going on. They had cameras. They're like, 'oh can we come in and be paparazzi?' Well, absolutely," says Hood.

"Chattanooga, we're a small town but this makes us seem a little bit more hip, a little bit more happening," says passerby Lele Hayes.

"People can see how cool the area is, get some idea of our nightlife here," says Angie Pilkington.

"Just you know, another way for them to embrace the art culture and expand upon that, you know. Maybe hip hop and this type of music is not so prevalent in this area," says 'Lance.'

And they hope the shoot brings new fans.

"Jokers Wild, check it out. It's coming soon. We are Jokers Wild dot com. Jokers Wild coming soon. We got something for the world."

The shoot will wrap the first week of October. They hope to debut the video by the end of this year.