PIKEVILLE, BLEDSOE COUNTY (WRCB)-- A tough decision for the family of a Bledsoe County football player.

An uncle for 17-year-old, Kainen Boring, tells Channel 3 his parents have agreed to take him off life support.

Boring collapsed after a tackle at practice last week.  He was life-flighted to Erlanger in critical condition.

"There were a lot of banners and signs posted saying 'praying for Kainen', it really touched our family" Says Boring's uncle, Kendall Smith, about the show of support at Friday night's Bledsoe County High School football game. 

"We were praying for the miracle of bringing Kainen home," Smith says.  "The Lord chose not to do it that way." 

Smith and other family members took a break from the hospital Friday to watch the game.  A game Kainen should have played. 

"There's no way of coming back from clinical brain death," Smith says. 

Boring's family got the word blood flow was no longer reaching his brain Friday morning.  It's the reason some players wore R.I.P signs on their arms during the Friday night game.   

"The part of Kainen that is Kainen has gone to be with the Lord," Smith says.  "His body is waiting on organ donation." 

In the middle of their own tragedy, Boring's parents made the decision to help others.

"They chose to donate what organs they can to keep another family from going through this tragedy," he says. 

A pre-existing condition called Arteriovenous Malformation or AVM is what caused a cluster of blood vessels to erupt when Boring took a routine hit during practice.

"We've had total strangers walk into Erlanger," Smith says.  "They're looking for my sister (Kainen's mother) to tell her they survived AVM." 

Boring didn't know he had the condition until it was too late, that's why his family isn't blaming football.  Smith says, instead they're leaning on faith and trusting that God has a plan.

"It's heartbreaking to have to give up your family member," he says.  "We know where he is though." 

We're told Boring is still on life support Saturday.  The family plans to say their final goodbyes Sunday. 

Bledsoe County High School is handling donations, and well-wishes.  You can reach the school at  423-447-6851.