CHATTANOOGA (WRCB)  --  The two lots of land in the 800 block of Bale Circle have been a part of Franklin Davis' family for 40 years.

"I was raised here. I just don't want to get rid of it," said Davis.  

For decades, the property was under his mother's name. However, at 86 and diagnosed with Alzheimer and dementia, she could no longer care for the land and some in the community took advantage by using it as a local dump site. "Its so damaged, its gonna cost thousands to clean this up," Davis said.

That's thousands of dollars Davis can't afford. He said he took out a loan last year to pay Randy Troy, a supposed contractor with Troy's Construction, nearly $500 to help clean up. He said Troy took the money but never touched his property and disappeared. "He talked a good game. I've never seen anybody, he claimed he had equipment," explained Davis. 

Channel 3 tried to contact Troy by phone, then we visited his address in the 16 hundred block of Overhead Bridge Rd. in Cleveland. Troy was no where to be found. "He's in the pin, jail last time I heard of him," said one of Troy's former neighbors.

According to the Bradley County Sheriff's department, Troy spent nearly a month behind bars earlier this year for criminal impersonation and theft among other charges. He's also considered a fugitive from justice out of Iron County, Utah.

On the web site,, former customers rant about how Troy took their money and ran. "And he's still operating his business without a license. I seen him a couple of months ago," said Davis.

With no money, no trust and no where to turn, Davis said he'll likely have to take matters into his own hands, "I might have to do it myself, that's what its going to come down to."