MURRAY COUNTY, GA. (WRCB)-- Lynn Long won't pretend that her niece Megan's teenage years weren't troubled.

"She had a lot of issues, Long says. "She got into drugs, but as long as my brother (Megan's father) and I could watch over her, we didn't have to worry about her."

That's why the death of Megan Michelle Long, 19, last Sunday night, takes her from heartbreak, to anger.

"I know what killed her, we all know what killed her," Long says. "It was meth."

Investigators say that Megan, and her boyfriend Eddy Duke were riding with her mother, April Flood, last Thursday night, when a Murray County deputy stopped the car for a traffic violation.

"She (Megan) put meth up inside her," Long says. "Seven grams of it, and when she went to pull it out, there was nothing left."

Megan was grasping her abdomen, doubled-over in pain, when her mother dropped her back at her father's house, Long says.

"We set here and we held her, and she kept crying out to God. Whole time, we was helpless. We couldn't do nothing for her."

An ambulance rushed her to Hamilton Medical Center in Dalton. Federal privacy laws protect her medical records, but Deputy Coroner Alan Robbins tells Channel 3 that she likely suffered a massive heart attack.

"She spontaneously aborted the fetus Saturday," Robbins says. "Sunday, with no brain activity detected, her ventilator was disconnected, and she was pronounced dead."

Robbins' office sent Megan's body to the state medical examiner in Atlanta, for an autopsy.

"For a basically healthy 19-year-old to go into cardiac arrest, there had to be something to cause that," Robbins says. "And drugs certainly would be something that you would think of."

Megan, and her stillborn daughter Madison Skye, were laid to rest, in the same casket, Thursday.

But Robbins says their family may have to wait three months for autopsy results.

Family members say Megan's mother, April Flood, attended the services. Eyewitness News has been unable to reach her.

Boyfriend Eddy Duke hasn't been seen since Megan entered the hospital. He too, has been unreachable.

"Nobody is owning up to anything," Long says. "It's killing me."

Megan also had a 2-year-old son, Mason.

"You can count on it, he won't want for nothing," Long says. "My brother and I will make sure of it."