CHATTANOOGA, Tenn. (WRCB-TV) - This Crime Stoppers case does not involve a break-in or a holdup or the theft of cash or pills. It is about the taking of someone's life. This is a case where the community can take a stand and justice can be served. Yes, there is reward money at stake, but more importantly, you could help get a murderer off the streets.

Almost a week since Dwana Dixson's murder and police are no closer to solving it than they were the morning it happened. A senseless killing, the timing and circumstances were all wrong to offer any help in locating a killer.

"Somebody out there saw something, or heard something," said Dixon's cousin Meon Ingram. "We feel like someone knows something." That is what this family is counting on for closure and, what investigators hope will crack this case.

It was early Friday morning, around 3:00AM, September 2nd. Dwana Dixon was sitting outside her Dodson Avenue Apartment building, as she frequently did. Her boyfriend headed for a convenience store leaving her and another friend. A few minutes later, shots rang out.

"This is a very quiet location, even for the East Chattanooga, 3rd Street area," explained CPD Detective Adam Emory. "This apartment complex rarely has any calls, so I would have to say someone was targeted." Was it the friend, the boyfriend or Dixon herself? Police just do not know.

As the family deals with funeral arrangements, they share stories about this woman who was a mother and grandmother of four. "We all had fun together," said Ingram. "We were reminiscing this evening about her. She liked to dance. When she was a little girl, she would dance for a quarter, you know, all day long if you asked her; just a fun spirited person."

Ingram had come in from Atlanta. She had her arm around Dixson's daughter and grandson as she spoke. "I don't think it really hit me until Sunday that, you know, 'Wow. My cousin was murdered.' Not, you know, she passed away peacefully, but she was violently murdered in front of her home," she added.

Investigators believe the shooter may have been on foot. Other than that, they have little to go on. "It's dark, you have limited witnesses. In this case, one. The other witness died. No video surveillance and we have yet to establish any motive," said Detective Emory. "So, yes, this is a very difficult case."

Think back to Friday and the days since. If you have any information that could seal this case for police and this family, pick up the phone and call Crime Stoppers at: 698-3333.

As always, no one, not even the police will know it was you who provided the tip and you could get yourself a cash reward of up to a thousand dollars, no questions asked.