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Downed limbs, lines, and scofflaw drivers keep roads blocked, power off

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Two days after drenching rains dropped her neighbor's oak tree across Daisy Dallas Road, Tonnie Kyle is a registered nurse who's losing patience.

"We've got our little outdoor gas grill," Kyle says. "But no power stinks."

"It's vital that I get back to work, but with lines down in my driveway, I'm not about to go around them."

Nobody is supposed to.  EPB has put warning signs across the 86-hundred block to detour drivers.

"They don't know what that means," Kyle's husband David says. "I don't think they can read."

"Because it's a straight shot to Wal-Mart, it really is," Kyle says.

"They'll drive through your yard, they just don't care about anything," David Kyle says.

It doesn't help the crews trying to clear these messes.

"People don't realize how slick the road is," says Steven Calbaugh, a crew foreman for Dillard Smith electrical contractors. "We had two wrecks up her yesterday."

Calbaugh's crew spent more than seven hours Wednesday, replacing a snapped power pole on Lake Resort Terrace. Wires dangled on limbs. The transformer was tipped over, and dripping oil.

A similar disaster might well have awaited the pastor of Silverdale Cumberland Presbyterian Church on Bonnie Oaks Drive.

A large oak fell across the 74-hundred block of Bonnie Oaks Drive.

"Thankful it did miss my home," the Rev. Christian Smith says. "My wife was asleep in the bedroom and I'm just thankful it fell this way."

All was restored within hours.

"I couldn't compliment EPB enough on how they dealt with the situation," Pastor Smith says. "The people they had helping us here, getting power back on and cleaned up."

Nurse Tonnie realizes that Daisy Dallas Road is more of a vein than a major artery. "It probably won't be fixed by tomorrow evening," she says. "We, and they (EPB) are doing the best we can."


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