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Tree falls on home of mother who lost daughter in April 27th tree fall

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CHATTANOOGA (WRCB)-- The trees surrounding the homes in the Acres of Shade mobile home park on Shepherd Road have become a deadly threat.

"I can't sleep at night," said tenant Hanh Damewood.

Early Tuesday morning an enormous tree snapped under the power of mother nature and fell. It landed in the living room of Damewood's home. "I hear a big bang, like a bomb or something," she said. "Oh my gosh, why me again.?"

Damewood's daughter, Mai Crumley, died in late April after a tree fill through her mobile home, which sat directly next door to Damewood's.

"That's my friend, we were side by side. Everything we do, we go together," Damewood said. "But now I don't have her anymore."

Parts of the tree that killed Damewood's daughter remain on the property. For many tenants, it serves as a constant reminder of the danger that lies within the shaded park.

Damewood knows she was lucky, 30 minutes before the tree fell she said she was lying on her couch in the living room, a place she usually falls asleep watching TV. "I think God will protect me because I fight everyday," said Damewood.

She has also been fighting with the property management. Damewood said she has warned them about trees that could fall, but they have done nothing but take pictures. Property management would not comment for our story.

With friends and family, including her 9-year-old grandson living on the property Damewood is begging for help to save lives. "His mother was taken away by the tree over this property. So the people here in the home office or the management, please take care of this place so no more lives will be taken." said Damewood.


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