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Flooding hits Brainerd after Monday's rain

CHATTANOOGA (WRCB)-- After the driest August on record, Monday's rain could set a one-day record in the Scenic City for the most rain, turning what would be congested intersections into mini ponds.

On Gunbarrel Road, traffic officers stood guard to keep drivers from passing through. For some, the warning didn't come soon enough. A few cars had to be pulled from the water after attempting to drive through.  

About five miles away fire crews did what they could to save the inside of a home on St. Marks Ave., which was damaged by smoke after witnesses said flames erupted out of the side of the house. Unfortunately for the homeowners, the rain did little to help.

"She said that she heard a thumping sound and she saw smoke," said Mark Morgan, the homeowners son. Morgan said his 76-year-old mother was inside the home when the fire started, thankfully she and her dog got out in time. However, without insurance and a recent death in the family he said it'll be hard to move on. "We gotta get her through this and the other at the same time," said Morgan. 

Across town, some were making the best of "wet" situation. "Just trying to make the best of the rainy day really," said Jeremy Harris. "We're having a great time," said his friend, Blain Turner. The two spent Monday afternoon standing on the side of Cherokee Ave., tempting cars to soak them with street water.

Whether you love it or loath it one thing is for sure, the rain is much needed.

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