EAST RIDGE, TN.  (WRCB)  --  Portions of East Ridge are always prone to flooding, and city leaders are closely watching West Chickamauga Creek Monday night.

The creek drains to the north, which means the amount of rain North Georgia gets will have a direct impact on East Ridge.

City Officials held a briefings with the National Weather Service over the weekend and Monday. 

By Monday morning the city had already received six inches of rain.  Enough rainfall for police to close some roads, and urge people to travel with caution.

"If it rains as much as the meteorologists are talking about then we'll flood," says Hunter Thurston. 

It's almost as though the East Ridge resident has come to expect a flood.  After going through two in his home, he and his family have a plan.

"We're gonna get a u-haul and move our furniture and stuff," Thurston says.  "So we don't have to worry about it getting messed up." 

Thurston spent the day watching water rise and fall behind his home on Anderson Avenue.  Monday morning three feet of water on the road was enough for city officials to close it.

"The creek is moving now," Thurston says.  "When it stops moving is when it starts flooding us." 

Across town at Fountainbleau Apartment Lindsay Thomas is holding her breath.

"Every time it rains to this level I have to put my fears away," she says. 

That's because the memory of the flood she experienced two years ago at Fountainbleau is still fresh.  That was the 4th worst flood in history, this one won't be that bad.   

"We had 12-16 inches of water inside," she says. 

Monday morning several inches are already pooling near the creek behind Thomas' home, but that's not what worries her.   

Instead, it's the more than four inches of water filling the complex parking lot that gives her reason to stress. 

Although what's left of Tropical Storm Lee has Thomas on edge, she says past experience has taught her to be prepared.

"Now that it has flooded we know what goes in the truck first," she says.

Camp Jordan usually sees a lot of traffic on Labor Day, but it is closed Monday.  Camp Jordan Parkway and Lansdowne Road are also closed.  High water signs are posted on Frawley Road.

City officials say they won't start talking about evacuation unless Chickamauga Creek reached 27-28 feet.