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Police boost holiday patrol with unmarked cars

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CHATTANOOGA (WRCB)-- As drivers hit the road this holiday weekend, local law enforcement is too, but you may not see them.

Nearly two dozen officers participated in a safety initiative Friday night, many in unmarked cars.

Officers from Chattanooga and Collegedale took to the interstates and highways, looking for seat belt violations, speeding and aggressive driving.

"We have too many folks out on the roadways that are following too close, cutting in and out of traffic, driving at excessive speeds," Chattanooga Police Sergeant Tony Hewitt says. "We've had these cars in use a little over a week and we already have several citations for over 100 mph."

The Chattanooga Police Department wants to remind citizens, unmarked police cars are equipped with blue and white lights with sirens and are manned by uniformed officers.

If you question the legitimacy of a traffic stop, you can call (423) 698-2525 for verification.

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