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Chattanooga Homicide #18: Woman shot outside her apartment

CHATTANOOGA (WRCB)-- Rental brochures pitch the Dodson Avenue Apartments as a "quaint" forty-unit property nestled in historic East Chattanooga.

"For the most part, we really haven't had any problem with this specific area," Chattanooga Police Sgt. Jerri Weary tells Eyewitness News.

But a plastic chair now marks where 47-year-old Dwana Dixson, mother of a grown daughter, sat at 3 o'clock Friday morning before she became the 18th person to die by violence, in the Scenic City this year.

"She was some friends," Sgt. Weary says. "At least two shots rang out. She was hit at least once, ran back to her apartment where she was met at the door by her mother."

Who called 911.

But Dixson would die at Erlanger Medical Center a short time later.

Eyewitness News found her boyfriend at her mother's apartment Friday afternoon. He wouldn't give our crew his name. But he says they'd been together 12 years. He can't imagine anybody who'd want to hurt her. He says he'd left only minutes earlier--to get some snacks, and came back to find police lights.

Sgt. Weary says the witnesses whom detectives have found, tare cooperating.

But, for the public record at least, they're not confirming much.

"We're not even sure what direction the bullet came from, because we haven't had witnesses come forward to say where they were, in proximity to her, when she was hit."

Neighbors tell us they either slept through it, don't know Dwana Dixson, or both.

It's leading police to cast wider nets; seeking even those who might have heard something, third-hand.

"Give us a call," Sgt. Weary says. "Let us follow up on that information, and see if it can bring some justice to this family."

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