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Pet psychic helps missing dog reunite with family

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CHATTANOOGA (WRCB)-- Kipper is counting his blessings after nearly two weeks on the streets of Chattanooga, a place unfamiliar to this Sale Creek canine.

On Aug. 20, the Torbitts were visiting a family member at North Park hospital in Hixson. Kipper and two of his canine buddies were in the back seat but the window was open. "The only thing we can figure is somebody scared him and he couldn't get away. The only way he could get out was to jump out," said Kipper's owner, Debi Torbitt. She wouldn't see her dog again for 12 days. "I just kept thinking he was so scared that night," Torbitt said.  

They spent the next two weeks searching everywhere, even turning their vehicle into a traveling missing ad. "We had so many people concerned and so many people we didn't know out looking," Torbitt said.

From pet detectives to internet sights, they always came up short. More than $2,000 later, they made a call to a woman in Seattle. It was their last hope.

"At first I admit, I would have never thought it was true," Torbitt said. They contacted Hillary Renaissance, a pet psychic who claims to have helped find hundreds of pets across the world. She immediately connected with Kipper and what happened next is hard to believe.

"It was a construction sight, it had loud noises," explained Torbitt. "She said he could see something that was in the shape of a V that was against a building."

The Torbitts found that construction sight on the Chatt State campus and Kipper later that night under an overpass on the Riverpark. It was almost too good to be true. "I mean I'm a believer. People can think I'm crazy but he's living proof to me that she knew exactly what she was talking about," said Torbitt.

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