DALLAS BAY, HAMILTON COUNTY (WRCB) - Dallas Bay volunteer firefighters say smoke alarms saved a family of ten from a house fire.

According to Hamilton County Emergency Services, a house fire was reported at 5:25 a.m. on Sterling Road.

Homeowner Frank Crawford told fire investigators his grandson awoke to flames crawling up the wall of his bedroom.

Dallas Bay VFD Chief Marcus Fritts says "the smoke alarms saved their lives."

"I just installed those smoke alarms in my house last week! I can't imagine what the outcome could have been without the smoke alarms," Crawford says.

Crawford says he briefly tried to fight the fire with a hose, before calling 911.

Chief Fritts says a box fan caught fire in the bedroom and quickly spread to the nearby curtains.

The flames were contained to one room. The damages are estimated at $10,000, but officials say the family home was insured.

No injuries were reported.

"Those firefighters were here so fast!" Crawford adds. "I really appreciate all their help."