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'Bullets don't have eyes'; Howard High girl, 16, wounded

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Doris Burch has lived in Emma Wheeler Homes long enough, to know to hold off, going outside when she and her daughter heard what sounded like firecrackers out her front door about 9:30 Tuesday night.

"You know, it's kind of scary," she says."You don't know where the bullets are going."

After waiting a few minutes, she walked out and looked across the intersection of E. 49th St. and Angela Drive. Bystanders fill in the details for her, and for police.

"A man approached the area where girls were standing, " Chattanooga Police Sgt. Jerri Weary says.

"He began firing into the crowd."

One round hit a 16-year-old girl, a student at Howard High School. She told Eyewitness News that she's too scared to go on camera. But she says she and her friends began running the moment they heard the shots. She felt a sharp pain in her right thigh, and realized she'd been hit.

She was treated at Erlanger Medical Center, and was back home Wednesday afternoon.

 Police are looking for a teenager or young man, black, tall, and wearing a white shirt, blue jean shorts and a bandana over his face.

"The suspect took off running toward Woodland View Circle," Sgt. Weary says. "He got into a Silver Honda Accord, and then abandoned the vehicle shortly after he got into it."

Police say the Accord's owner had not reported it stolen, but was unable to tell investigators who might have been driving it, or had access to its keys.

"We've received a lot of confusion," Sgt. Weary says. "We've had multiple theories from people in this area, saying what may have happened."

"They was saying it was gang-related," Burch says.

"We don't know if she (the teenager) was the intended target or if was someone else with the crowd," Sgt. Weary says.

Bottom line: police aren't sure whether any of the information they've received is reliable.

But Doris Burch---doubts the shooter considered any consequences when he was squeezing the trigger.

"It do not make you look big," she says. "It make you look lower to the ground."

"He don't know. He shot this girl. Somebody could shoot him. His Mama. Bullets don't have eyes."

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