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Rossville Homeowner Fights with Mortgage Company after April Tornado

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Rossville, TN. (WRCB)  --  Debris and rubble still clutter Vennessa Cates' yard, nearly four months after a powerful tornado hit their neighborhood.  "I'm working double shifts just to try and keep things going," said Cates.

However, that extra work as a nurse has done nothing to help fix her damaged home. That's because Cates is in a "catch 22" with her mortgage company, Wells Fargo. "I'm just losing heart. I just can't fight with them anymore. I've got too much," Cates said.  

According to Cates, her insurance company quickly wrote Wells Fargo a check, but when it came time for them to pay the workers to repair her home, the money stopped coming. "Everyone stayed within the limits but they're saying we don't have the money in the account," said Cates. "We never had it to touch, why isn't it there?"

However, the problems don't stop there. Cates' sister, Dorothy, was diagnosed with stage 4 lung cancer, and open holes are now throughout their home. "My major thing is the mold. It's not only hard for me, its hard for them," Dorothy said.

On Wednesday, their fear of mold became a reality. While on a tour of the house Cates discovered what they had been dreading, mold on the walls of their basement. "We're going to have to move the kids out," said Cates.

Moving is a last resort for Cates, who cannot bear the thought of leaving the home her son picked. "I feel my son here. I can almost see him come through that door," she said. Her son, Chris, was just 25 when he died from an accidental hanging. "I was in clinicals in school. My older sister Jan came and said that he had hung himself," said Cates.

With the threat of foreclosure, Cates said all she can do now is hope for the best, "God will take us through whatever is to come."   

Two liens have been placed on Cates' home by the workers who have not been paid. However, Wells Fargo claims those liens are the reason the workers are not being paid. When asked specific questions about the Cates' property, Channel 3 was told a supervisor would have to contact the station. In the meantime, Cates said the fire department and a church is helping clean their property.  

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