CHATTANOOGA (WRCB) - The old saying "practice makes perfect" may very well apply to the sport of archery hunting.

A thorough equipment check is a good place to start. Always look for string wear first. Heavy practice before season can be the doom of a string in fair condition.

It is also a good idea to inspect cams, arrow rest, and bow site to make sure all are in proper working order.

Be sure arrows are balanced and true and check arrow nocks for cracks and that they are in the proper position.

Once you have completed a thorough equipment check and you have confidence your gear is in good shape, it is time to start practicing.

Shoot from a variety of positions from tree stands and ground blinds using different angles and elevations to build your shooting confidence.

Your skills and confidence, combined with a good bow, tree stand and safety belt, will pave the way for a successful archery hunting season.

Tennessee deer archery season opens September 24th 2011.  See TWRA 2011 HUNTING GUIDE for details on the county you plan to hunt.