CHATTANOOGA (WRCB) -- Police are still trying to track down the man who snatched a woman's purse, then led police on a chase that came to an end when the suspect hit a deputies patrol car, and kept going.

The victim is telling her story only on Channel 3.  Police think this suspect was wanted for another robbery just hours before he stole a woman's purse.

"It's a trauma, today I feel much better but last night was awful, it was scary," said Sandy Gallagher, victim of the purse snatching. 

Gallagher spent five years living in New York City and never went through what police are calling a very brazen robbery.

Gallagher was loading her car in the Highway 153 Wall Mart parking lot when the suspect drove his tan colored GMC Jimmy into her cart. It only escalated from there. As he grabbed her purse and tried to drive away.

Gallagher said, "he was pulling off, and I was holding on, and he drug me far enough then I fell."

A dozen people came to Gallagher's aid, luckily she wasn't hurt. In the heat of the moment, one good samaritan took off after the suspect.

"This really good samaritan pulled up and said I'm going after him, and he did, he caught him, which I think is miraculous and wonderful that somebody would care enough," said Gallagher.

The good samaritan followed the suspect down 153 onto 27 South all while on the phone with the police who took over the chase on Mountain Creek Road. Ironically that's where Sandy's purse was found and returned.

From there the suspect led the chase onto Cherokee Boulevard headed toward the North Shore.

A very populated North Shore, that's when police backed off saying you have to weigh the cost versus the benefits.

Sgt. Craig Joel said, "once it was apparent that it was too dangerous to keep pursuing this person, we called it off. That purse and no object is worth someone getting hurt. The magnitude of the chase was getting higher and higher."