Dade County, GA (WRCB) - A Sand Mountain man, arrested multiple times, is accused of threatening to kill several officials, including Dade County's Sheriff.

"It was completely loaded, ready to go," said Patrick Cannon, pointing to the weapon his officers discovered.

The loaded handgun was sitting in the driver's seat, 300 rounds of shotgun shells were found in the passengers seat of Hillard Stevens' white Ford truck. Investigators say Stevens had a plan.

"The information I received last night from a phone call at 11 o'clock at night was that he was going to kill me and the judge," said Cannon.

Sheriff Patrick Cannon says Hillard Stevens camped outside an officers home, made a list of deputies he intended to kill and spent Wednesday watching a Magistrate's office, instead of reporting to his probation officer.

"He did not report and after these threats officers tried to get him to stop," said Cannon, "and he eluded officers."

The chase stared Wednesday evening at the Dade County Sheriff's Office in downtown Trenton and ended on Highway 136 at the foot of Sand Mountain.

Cannon says he used his patrol car to ram the truck, forcing Stevens to stop.

"He's been convicted so many times and let go on probation," said Cannon, frustrated by the situation, "enough probation, before he kills somebody."

Channel 3 achieves show Stevens has been arrested on animal cruelty charges at least three times in two years.

In December of 2009 Steven was arrested and charged for stabbing two dogs, one died. A search of his property turned up nearly 30 other dead animals.

Two months later he was arrested for killing chickens.

Then in January of this year, Stevens was arrested again when skeletal remains and malnourished goats were found on his property.

"Budgets are bad for everybody, times are tough on everybody," said Cannon, "but we cannot tolerate crime."

Cannon says the court system has to step up to keep Stevens behind bars, because he worries what could happen next time.

"I don't know (what it will take),  but he will remain in the Dade County Sheriff's office until he sees a superior court judge," he said.

The Georgia Bureau of Investigations is leading the investigation into the threats and chase. That is common practice when a Dade County employee is involved in a pursuit.

GBI agents were on scene Wednesday evening bagging evidence found in Stevens' truck.

No official charges have been filed, but Sheriff Cannon says there will be several filed.