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Huesman surprises fan, UTC Season Ticket Promo

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Chattanooga, TN (WRCB) -- UTC Athletic Director Rick Hart says his goal is to turn everyday fans into season ticket holders. After two winning seasons, it's becoming easier. It gets even easier when the man in charge of "Restoring the Glory" Head Coach Russ Huesman helps deliver season tickets.

If you ordered football season tickets on Wednesday and UTC's staff couldn't get them to you in 30 minutes, of a five mile radius, the tickets were free of charge.

Last year this promotion sold 102 season tickets, a single day record, that Coach Huesman himself set out to beat on Wednesday.

"I like doing things like this, it really helps, I'm glad our athletic dept does a great job with this, and it really helps," said Huesman

In three seasons prior to Huesman the Mocs totaled six wins, selling season tickets wasn't an easy task.  But after two winning seasons, they've sold more than 2,500 each year. 

The first order of Wednesday Huesman would deliver personally.

On the car ride to deliver the tickets Huesman said, "I'm coming out here to thank them for buying tickets, I'm not sure how impressed they'll be that I'm out here."

Huesman jokingly said he's no Joe Paterno, or Nick Saban. None the less he's the face of the Mocs, and at the time he had less than 30 minutes to find his way around the maze known as Erlanger to deliver the tickets.

"Do you know where elevator B is?" Huesman paused in the parking garage to laugh and gain his bearings as he stood in front of elevator G, not B.

Turns out elevator G led us to elevator B, which led us to a very surprised James Hamilton.

"Coach Huesman," yelled Hamilton as Huesman handed him his season tickets."

Hamilton added, "you order these, you don't know who's going to show up. Just a big surprise to see coach Huesman here, it was really great."

Hamilton a long time UTC Basketball season ticket holder, says Huesman and the Mocs now have him hooked.

He's one of the many who help make up the Southern Conferences third best attendance.  A feat A.D. Rick Hart hopes is just the start.

"For us to take the next leap and jump again, we're going to have to get into the playoffs, and have that be the new norm. And consistently compete for championships," said Hart. 

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