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Haslam Considers Amazon Tax Deal

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CHATTANOOGA, TN (WRCB) -- Governor Bill Haslam addressed a crowd at the Chattanooga Area Chamber of Commerce on job growth in the Tennessee Valley despite economic uncertainty.

"What is coming out of Washington is giving no one confidence that says we have the sort of environment that is worthy of investing capital."

He didn't talk to the group about the state's agreement with Amazon, that the online retailer doesn't collect sales tax.

But when asked, the governor lashed out at critics accusing him of flopping on the deal.

"They are dead wrong. They are just dead wrong. We are keeping our commitment and having very productive talks with Amazon."

Amazon has pulled out of states in the past when legislatures passed laws requiring online retailers to pay a sales tax.

Tennessee brought in nearly $900 million in revenue for the month of June, up one percent more than expected.

The governor says with about 30-percent less federal money coming in, he is on the fence about doing what many cash strapped states have done with similar tax agreements.

"I think we do have a commitment to amazon and they are brining jobs to Hamilton and Bradley county and hopefully other parts of the state as well."

He says the best option is to look at re-negotiating what's on the table.

"We would like to have something in writing by the time the legislature is back in session."

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