CHATTANOOGA (WRCB)-- Chattanooga police are looking for two suspects in a robbery and car-jacking.

"They held their hands and threw them away, like they are garbage," said Jesus Augustan, reliving the moment he came face to face with the men who robbed him.

Augustan had just returned home from taking his kids to the doctor, when two men rushed him and demanded he hand over his car keys.

"They tried to shoot me, put the gun to my neck," said Augustan, pointing to the place where one of them men held a gun to his throat, "and then my kids, they were inside the van, they threw my kids in the dirt, and then they took my van."

Augustan grabbed his kids, ages three and four, and ran inside to find the rest of his family huddled in a back bedroom.

"They started crying a lot," he said, "they're scared, me too."

Police say the two men who stole Augustan's blue Windstar Van used an ax to break into his home an hour earlier.

Augustan's family members work third shift and were sleeping in an upstairs bedroom.

The robbers forced them to the floor. One of the men held them at gunpoint, while the other ransacked the home, taking cell phones and $200 in cash.

"It's bad enough they went into the home," said Sgt. Jerri Weary, spokesperson for the Chattanooga Police Department, "but to pull two children out of a car, not only terrifying the parent but also the two kids, it's over the top."

Sgt. Weary says patrol officers canvassed the neighborhood but did not find any signs of Augustan's van or the robbers.

"We ask that you please keep your eyes open for the vehicle," said Weary, "we are anxious to get the vehicle back."

Jesus Augustan says he's anxious for officers to find the van and the two men. He says he has lived in Highland Park for 12 years and never been a victim of a crime, until now.

"They're crazy," said Augustan and his attackers, "I hope police catch them and race them to jail."

Police ask if you know anything, or see the blue Ford Windstar with a Tennessee tag 157 CQD, give them a call.