TRION, CHATTOOGA COUNTY, GA.  (WRCB)  --  The Georgia Bureau of Investigation confirms an inmate was stabbed to death over the weekend at Hays State Prison in Trion, Georgia.   

It happened Saturday morning.  Monday, Georgia Department of Corrections officials have not released the victim's name, or the names of the inmates who attacked him.

The walls outside Hays State Prison are as thick as they come.  What happened behind them Saturday, put the facility on lock down and has Georgia Department of Corrections officials scrambling.

"Preliminarily we think he died as a result of stab wounds," says GBI Agent, Greg Ramey.

Ramey says an inmate was murdered around 4:45 a.m. outside the mess hall.

"I don't know how they come up with them," the agent says. "Inside prisons inmates are able to gain access to metal, and create what's called a 'shank'."

'Shanks' or homemade knives come in all forms and sizes, the weapons used to kill Saturday were made of plastic and metal.

"We believe it's possible more than one inmate attacked the victim," Ramey says.  

Officials aren't saying how many inmates attacked or why.

"We're not going to identify any suspects until we actually file charges," Ramey says. 

Hays Prison opened it's doors in 1990.  It's a facility for male felons doing hard time.  The inmates at Hays are at a high risk of escape.  They typically have histories of assault, and other major crimes.

Acting on a tip Channel 3 did some fact checking.  According to the state website capacity at Hays Prison is 1,508 inmates.  We learned there are currently 1,698 inmates at the prison.  There are nearly 350 corrections officers at full staff, but that number has been down 6.7 percent since July 2011.   

The victim's body was transported to the GBI Crime Lab in Atlanta over the weekend.  Meanwhile, agents spend the day reviewing evidence behind prison walls. 

"We're going back through statements," says Ramey.  "We're trying to determine what our next avenue of investigation should be." 

Hays State Prison past it's yearly audit check in July 2010.  It's scheduled for another audit at the end of the month.  The inmate's body was scheduled to undergo an autopsy Monday, results are pending.