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Archives show planning needs don't change

CLEVELAND, TN. (AP) - Officials in Bradley County are sifting through boxes of archived planning documents, and what they're finding is that the more things change, the more they stay the same.

Kids have always needed to get to school, for instance.

Documents found in the archives discarded when a state planning office closed show the gradual progression in school transportation needs, starting when the school system owned just a single wagon in 1912. By 1916, six wagons were needed, and three years later, nine wagons made up the fleet.

In 1954, the county had 7,082 students spread out over 31 schools. In 2010, the average daily population was 9,946 in 17 schools.

County planner Corey Divel tells the Cleveland Daily Banner the archives include items that were used to address planning issues such as roads, runoff and economic development.

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