DALTON, WHITFIELD (WRCB) - The Dalton Police Department is asking for your help finding those responsible for shooting at five area businesses.

Dalton Police spokesman Bruce Frazier says two separate incidents over the last week left bullet holes in signs and inside stores on North Park Drive, Chattanooga Avenue, and Chattanooga Road.

The shootings happened at night, no one was in the buildings at the time of the shooting.

Frazier says evidence indicated the rounds were fired from a vehicle traveling south from the North Bypass in the middle of the night.

The first incident happened sometime between August 12th and August 15th, when owners of a carpet business at 414 North Park Drive discovered a bullet hole in the drop ceiling.  Investigators found that the bullet had entered the front of the business through a wall.  Two other bullet holes were found in a concrete wall and a metal roll-up door.  The bullet that hit the concrete wall did not pass through, but the bullet that hit the metal door went through and hit a truck parked inside, breaking the windshield.

The second incident happened at approximately 12:20 am on August 17th when officers were dispatched to a broken glass alarm at the Cardiology Center of Dalton at 1411 Chattanooga Avenue. Responding officers found that the glass window of an exam room had been broken by a bullet.  A .45 caliber shell casing was found in the roadway in front of the business.  After searching the area, officers found that the signs in front of three other businesses along Chattanooga Road were also hit with bullets.  Those businesses were Healthcom Federal Credit (1412 Chattanooga Rd.), Center for Spine and Pain Medicine (1413 Chattanooga Rd.), and Dalton Ear Nose and Throat (1436 Chattanooga Rd.). 

Investigators say in each case, the damage to the signs was on the north-facing side, indicating that the shots were fired from a vehicle travelling southbound from the North Bypass. 

Officers say shell casings were found in the roadway, indicating that the shots were fired from the street without entering the driveways at each building.  Four of those were .45 caliber shell casings while the other was a 9 millimeter shell casing.

Police say in four of the incidents .45 caliber shell casings were found, while 9 millimeter shell casings were found in another.

If you have any information on these shootings, you're asked to the Dalton Police Department, 706-278-9085, extension 165.