KNOXVILLE (WRCB) - The Tennessee Valley Authority's warning this week did not stop zombie protestors from showing up at Thursday's board meeting, but that doesn't mean they got inside.

Protestors from United Mountain Defense and the TEA Party gathered outside the TVA Towers in Knoxville this morning.

They were dressed in costume, as a zombie, Santa Claus, and even Ben Franklin.

One by one they tried to get inside, and one by one they were turned away by security.

They say they dressed in costume to make a statement, even if that meant their voices wouldn't be heard inside the meeting.

After the protestors left, the meeting got underway, starting with the listening session.

The main topic was about nuclear energy, related to the Bellefonte Nuclear Power Plant.

Speakers from across the area, including government leaders, utility presidents and citizens spoke out about the topic.

Dozens of opponents and supporters of the Tennessee Valley Authority restarting construction of the Bellefonte nuclear plant at the 37-year-old site in northeast Alabama have given opinions on the project to the utility's board.

With about 200 people attending, some are watching a video feed in a separate room at the TVA headquarters in Knoxville. The agenda to follow includes a vote on whether to finish the mothballed plant.

The projected cost of $4 billion to $5 billion is on top of about $4 billion already spent. The board is also acting on a possible rate increase.

Tennessee Environmental Council board chairman Don Safer told the board that a "major accident at Bellefonte would be horrible."

Fort Payne, Ala., Chamber of Commerce President Brian Baine said the jobs are needed.

TVA's ban on costumed protestors came as a result of a protest held at the TVA headquarters in Chattanooga last month.


NBC Knoxville and the Associated Press contributed to this story.