CHATTANOOGA (WRCB) -- Allen Tilson remains in good spirits despite having a half ton horse crush him, causing him to lose feeling in his legs.

The 17-year-old was riding "Fino", Sunday, when the horse suddenly jumped over some brush on the ground.

Allen was hanging onto Fino's side hoping he would stop.

Allen said, "I tried to pull back on the reins and it didn't work. He just kept going faster."

Allen held on, tripped the horse, and that's when it landed on him.

"The first thing I seen was when I looked up was the sky and I didn't know what was going on," he said.

A friend called 911 for help as Allen was on the ground.

Waiting for paramedics to arrive, Allen tried to get up.

"I got halfway up the first time and fell right back down on my back," he said.

He attempted a second time and fell again.

That's when he knew he was seriously injury.

Allen was airlifted to Erlanger where for three days his family has waited by his side.

After hours of surgery, and several steel rods in his back, Allen was able to sit up in his chair.

He's headed to Atlanta, GA for rehabilitation.

He says walking again may not be much of a long shot.

"If the good Lord wants me to walk again then I will walk again once I get out of that rehab place right there," he said.

Allen also hopes to hop back on the saddle one day, but until then, he'll take it one wiggle at a time.

Allen said, "So if I can move my toes and keep on working that up and maybe then I can move my foot and maybe keep doing that and then maybe I'll move my legs."

Tilson will be heading to Atlanta and due to the extent of his medical bills, his family is looking to set up a fund for anyone who would like to help.

The family has set up a fund at Bank of America, "The Allen Tilson Fund" or contact Trenna Tilson at