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Hollywood actor inaugurates Walnut Street Bridge Walk of Honor

CHATTANOOGA (WRCB) -- He's an award winning actor, Chattanooga native Leslie Jordan helped inaugurate the Walnut Street Bridge Walk of Honor. 

The plaques will recognize people who've made an impact on Chattanooga, and who in turn, have helped Chattanooga impact the world.

"I'm a hometown boy here!" says Leslie Jordan.

He's made his mark in movies and on TV. Now, Leslie Jordan has earned a special place in his hometown.

The Emmy winning actor is among the first to be enshrined on the Walk of Honor, plaques to commemorate important Chattanoogans and contemporary celebrities with Scenic City ties on the Walnut Street Bridge.

You may recognize Jordan from "Will and Grace" or "Boston Legal", but it all began in the Tennessee Valley and a lot has changed since the Brainerd High grad went west to follow his dreams.

"I have lived in Holly-weird since `82, so that's 30 years.  So, any chance I can get to come home, I come home," says Jordan. "When I left, this was Kirkman High School down here.  We had nothing, the aquarium, nothing.  And to come back to all of this is pretty amazing."

The comedian's name will be placed alongside that of legendary newspaper magnate Adolph Ochs on the west side of the pedestrian bridge, along the center span.

"I think a little plaque on the bridge is pretty nice, you know.  For those that want to jump, you know, maybe they'll look and say, 'He went to Hollywood and survived 30 years.  I can get through whatever this is that I'm dealing with!" says Jordan.

The plaques will include the person's name and a line that notes their achievements.

Along with the walk of honor, the newly designed commemorative plaques are being sold by the Parks Foundation. Proceeds help maintain the Walnut Street Bridge.

Click here to learn more about The Parks Foundation or the Walk of Honor.

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