CHATTANOOGA (WRCB) -- Scary moments, early Tuesday morning, for one Chattanooga family who awoke to gunfire, eight rounds were fired into the Brown's home, while they were sleeping. 

One landed in their 9 year old daughter's bedroom.

Police have no clues in who fired those shots.

"This was the one that my daughter found in her bedroom and this was the one I found in the fireplace," says David Brown.

Holding bullets picked out of his walls, David Brown can't understand why someone would open fire on his sleeping family.

"You get woke up in the middle of the night with bullets flying in your house. What do you do tonight? how do you go to sleep?" says Brown.

Early Tuesday morning, the Browns awoke to a loud noise.

Brown grabbed his pistol and ran outside. His wife sally met the rest of the family in the hallway. 

"That's when we realized someone had shot into the house, and as we turned on the lights that's when we realized there were more rounds," says Sally Brown.

Eight total, five went inside the Brown's Runyan Drive home.

One of the bullets traveled through a window, a brand new TV, a few walls, and landed in David and Sally's bedroom, 2 feet from where they were sleeping.  

"A pistol won't do that, it had to be a high powered rifle that did that," says David.

Most alarming was the bullet that 9 year old grace found on her bedroom floor.

"Its not something you would ever expect your 9 year old daughter to find. A bullet in her bedroom," says Sally.

Not knowing who fired that shot is most frustrating to David Brown, who is counting his blessings.

"You know its replaceable, I don't care about that. I'm just glad my family is okay," he says. "I just wish we knew who done it."

The Browns did not see a shooter or a vehicle. Police did not find shell casings at the scene. They did follow up on a possible suspect, but did not file charges. 

The shooter could face charges ranging from reckless endangerment to attempted murder.