CLEVELAND, BRADLEY COUNTY, TN. (WRCB) --  Police in Cleveland are trying to catch a pair of brazen thieves.  They hit nine stores on Monday morning alone.  Detectives believe those nine could be connected to three others last week.

Police think they're dealing with at least two suspects.  The thieves used rocks, bricks even a potted plant to smash through glass and loot the stores.

"There were some coins on the floor so you could tell they had been in the money," says Cupcake Divas owner, Donna Ellis. 

When Ellis got to her Cleveland shop Monday morning, she found police officers inside.

"The cash register was tipped," she says.  "They had already been dusting for fingerprints." 

Ellis' store had been robbed.  The thieves used rocks to break through the glass door.  They got away with a computer and some cash.

"There were some that were pretty big," Ellis says, describing the rocks.  "The detectives did say the same rocks were found in other stores." 

It was a brick that broke through Bobbye Creasman's boutique, 'The Accent Mark'.  She and her daughter have run the store for 21 years. 

"It's really strange," she says.  "You feel violated, it's hard to describe." 

The suspects cleaned out three jewelry cases at 'The Accent Mark', they took cash and deposit money.  Creasman says the jewelry alone is worth $50,000.

"Some are over here, some over there and we don't know if they've been casing these stores or what," says Officer, Evie West, with the Cleveland Police Department.  "It's gonna catch up with them eventually."

West says seven other businesses were hit Monday. 

"They have a look-out or they'll have a driver," she says.  "We're definitely looking for a two part team." 

Detectives hope surveillance video will help, even though the suspects work fast and are probably experienced.

Insurance should cover what was lost, but Ellis and Creasman say they're feeling the effects of the crime.   

"Surviving in this day with the economy is hard," Ellis says.  "It hurts, but we'll survive."

Police plan to release surveillance video to the media soon. 

Using rocks or bricks to breakin seems to be the common thread, detectives say that's part of the reason they believe the Monday morning burglaries are related to last week's burglaries.