CHATTANOOGA (WRCB) – The Chattanooga Zoo is letting the public keep an eye on one of their most popular animal exhibits.

The Chattanooga Zoo has announced a new "Snow Leopard Cam" has been installed in the Himalayan Passage exhibit of the Zoo.

The web cam, sponsored by First Volunteer Bank, is positioned within the Snow Leopard den and allows fans to get a 24/7 glimpse of the large cats outdoor play area.  Since the rare birth of a snow leopard cub last January, the public has become more interested in the daily activities of the club, including being able to witness her rapid growth.

"We are so glad that everyone can now enjoy the daily antics of our adorable snow leopard cub, ‘Renji' and her parents ‘Czar' and ‘Kasimer'," said Darde Long, executive director for the Chattanooga Zoo.

She added, "We are forever grateful to First Volunteer Bank and its generous sponsorship of the Snow Leopard Cam, as well as one of our volunteers who had the passion to get this project started."

Chattanooga Zoo volunteer, Heather Holloway first proposed the idea to both Chattanooga Zoo and First Volunteer Bank management teams.

"We are proud to be the official sponsor of the Chattanooga Zoo's very first webcam," Joan Rose, VP of Marketing for First Volunteer Bank, said. "It will be a great resource for those who love to visit the Zoo, but can't go as often as they would like."

In addition to donating the camera, First Volunteer Bank's own in-house IT specialist, Bruce Farley came to the Zoo to help staff install the camera.

Fans can view the Snow Leopard Cam by visiting