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911 tapes may backup driver's story about CARTA crash

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CHATTANOOGA (WRCB) --There are new developments in a CARTA shuttle crash. 

911 tapes, obtained by Channel 3, may confirm the driver's story about what caused that crash.

The electric shuttle crashed Thursday on Market Street, taking out several trees and a light pole.

The driver, 54-year-old Lawrence Wilkerson, told police the brakes failed.

CARTA Director Tom Dugan told Channel 3 the shuttle was inspected following the crash, and showed no signs of malfunction.

911 tapes, released Wednesday, support the driver's story.

Dispatcher: "He's positive he doesn't need an ambulance?" 
CARTA Dispatcher: "Do you think he needs an ambulance?"
Driver: "Well, I just got through talking with him, he don't seem to be injured, he's just really just shaken up pretty bad, he kept trying to explain what happened, that the bus, it wouldn't stop."

The driver was the only person on board.

Dugan says he took a drug test afterward, which is standard procedure.

The incident likely will go before a safety review committee.

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