RICEVILLE, MCMINN COUNTY, TN (WRCB) -- A business with a long history in McMinn County went up in flames Wednesday.

McDonald's Custom Cabinets has been around since the 70's run by the same family for more than thirty years.  The fire ruined everything except for one full trailer, and no one was hurt.

"It was terrible to look at that building, it's been there quite a while," said uncle to the owner, Charles McDonald.

He heard the news at his house in Cleveland, his nephew's business was up in flames, not knowing if anyone was hurt he rushed up 75 to do what he could.

He couldn't bare to watch the flames ruin what his brother built in the late 70's but to his relief, no one was hurt.

"Of course I hugged them, and a few tears were shed," said Charles.

Bryan McDonald and his brother bought the business from their father in 1993; they say the fire started when they were cleaning the spray equipment, with flammable lacquer cleaner.

"Something we've done 1,000 times, like we said, but today something sparked it. It was out of control in five minutes, there was nothing we could do, the smoke and heat was unbearable," said Bryan.

Bryan, his brother, and a handful of employees made it out safely, shortly after more than a dozen fire companies, started battling the fire. Hazmat was called in to monitor any chemical spills, which were kept under control.

Three firefighters were treated and released for heat exhaustion.

The McDonald family watched a business one man started in his garage crumble, but all things considered they feel fortunate.

Bryan said, "we all got out thank goodness, the building could be rebuilt, but we all got out."

The McDonald's had insurance and plan to either re-build or re-locate.