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Chattanooga mother held at gunpoint during deadly home invasion

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CHATTANOOGA (WRCB)  --  Police say three men who gunned down a 25-year-old during a home invasion are on the loose, Saturday. 

Officials tell Channel 3 just after 1:30 a.m. they found the victim, Charles McCaine, inside a home on Latta Street with a gunshot wound to his back.

McCaine later died in emergency surgery, making this is the 17th homicide in the city of Chattanooga this year.

Danyell Studdard says everything was normal Friday night while she was visiting with her boyfriend's brother. She says she heard a knock on the door and the next thing she knew three armed men pushed their way inside.

Saturday afternoon Studdard recalled the events that followed as she quickly packed her belongings and prepared to leave.   

"There was a knock on the door," she says.  "It sounded like just one man at first."

"I didn't recognize the name they gave me," adds Studdard. 

That's when things went horribly wrong. Studdard says she and McCaine were in the living room when they heard a bang.   

"They forced us to lay down on the floor," she says.  "They told us to shut up and not move." 

Studdard says they demanded money.

"I couldn't see their faces," she says.  "They all had on masks and gloves." 

The suspects ransacked Studdard's living room.  They took her phone, and xbox before they started to leave.  The mother pleaded with them to not hurt anyone.  She told them children were asleep in the next room. 

"They started to walk out the door, then one of them turned and fired," she says. 

The bullet hit Charles McCaine in the back.  Studdard ran next door and called 911 after they fled. Before authorities arrived, she tried talking to McCaine. 

"He told me his body was feeling cold," she says. 

McCaine was taken to a local hospital where he died in surgery.  It's was a little in the afternoon when Studdard locked her front door and left. She says she won't be staying at 2508 Latta Street anymore.

"I was actually planning to move anyway," she says.  "I was trying to get away from this area."

Chattanooga Police are still looking for the suspects.  Investigators say the incident doesn't appear to be gang-related. 

A description of the suspects hasn't been released by authorities.  Danyell Studdard says they were wearing masks and gloves.  She described the men as young, possibly in their 20s.  One suspect was tall, the other two were short and slim. 

If you have any information that could help investigators, please call police at 423-698-2525. 

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