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Local grocery installing electric car charging stations

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CHATTANOOGA (WRCB) - Drivers with electric vehicles will soon have another place to plug in.

A charging station is being put up in the parking lot next to Greenlife Grocery in North Chattanooga.

The chargers will be powered by a series of solar panels that have been installed in the parking lot of Two North Shore.

A grant is helping provide about a hundred public charging stations in town by the end of the year.

Even folks who don't own an electric vehicle can see the benefits, others are still a little skeptical.

"I don't have one currently, but I know a couple of people who do. And, to have a place where you can just plug in while you're having lunch or dinner, that would be great," says Paul Pelletier.

"It's really not practical for me personally, but I know that we'll have to have more of these types of stations for it to become practical for people in general," says Rachael Henderson.

Chattanooga's first public charging station was installed at the Downtown Doubletree Hotel in March.


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