CHATTANOOGA (WRCB) -- It has been more than three months since tornadoes devastated our region.

While some neighborhoods have returned to normal, there are so many families still waiting to go home. 

One local church is making sure they receive a warm welcome. 

175 buckets, each one represents a home destroyed, last April, when tornadoes ripped through the Tennessee Valley.

"Trash bags, we have work gloves, we have disinfectant, we have Clorox spray," says Windy Brooks with the United Way.

Ace hardware supplied the materials but it's Good Shepard Lutheran Church members packing them with love and hand written messages of hope.

"I hope it just means to them that these are real people that care about them," says church member donna Windgard.

Volunteers will hand deliver the cleaning supplies, as a way of welcoming families home. 

"Its just going to put a smile on someone's face, a smile that they may have not had otherwise, and that's a great thing," says church member Eryn Odom.

Ringgold high graduate, Tori Douglas, knows the buckets she packed could show up on the doorsteps of classmates and friends.

She won't soon forget April 27th.

"Every time I saw pictures online and on the news, I would remember being in those places, and then you see them wrecked, and you are like wow," says church member Tori Douglas.

"I think after a few, yah know, a couple months, then people start forgetting," says Windgard.

These young people want to help people remember the victims, the survivors and the families still waiting to go home.

While the message fits inside a plastic white bucket, its reach stretches from Ringgold to Apison and from Cleveland to Trenton.

"We just want everyone who has been affected to know, we're still here for them," says Brooks.

The buckets will be distributed in Chattanooga, Ringgold and Cleveland.

The United Way is still working to organize volunteers to help with clean up.

You can call the volunteer center for information at 423-752-0316.