BRADLEY COUNTY, TN (WRCB) -- Often, criminals who 'get away with it' know when to hit their targets.

Sure seems the case for a department store heist at the Bradley Square Mall.

If you were there, and have a good eye for cars, you may be able to solve this week's Crime Stoppers.

"I can't remember a crime of this magnitude being done in this manner," says Detective Matt Jenkins with Cleveland Police.

Brazenly! July 25th about 8:25 in the evening, two middle aged black men walk into the Belk at Bradley Square Mall.

"Very calm, very cool very collected, didn't seem like amateurs at all," says Jenkins.

Acting as if they belonged, heading straight for the office area.

"Jimmied the door lock, entered the office beside the safe and stole in excess of $10,000," says Jenkins.

No fuss, no struggle, nothing except some Hawaiian shirts and straw hats to attract attention to themselves.

"They definitely had done their homework. Just by watching the way they moved on camera--they knew just where to go," says Jenkins.

Cleveland Police aren't sharing that surveillance video yet.

They've done their homework too: calling around to other police departments and finding similar crimes.

"They're probably going to stores that provide the least amount of security," says Jenkins.

Offering bigger, likely scores.

They don't have mug shots, of who they believe it might be.

"The one thing we know for sure," says Jenkins.

The getaway car, the suspects fled Bradley Square Mall in a blue Kia Spectra.

If you saw such a car, at the Bradley Square Mall on Monday July 25th, you may be able to help bring these guys to justice.

Call Cleveland Police or Crime Stoppers at 698-3333.

You won't have to give your name but you could earn a cash reward of up to a $1,000.