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Horse soring defendant surrenders pre-trial bond

CHATTANOOGA. (AP) - A defendant in a Tennessee horse soring case has surrendered his pre-trial bond and been locked up in response to a video that shows him building a block to affect a horse's gait and being present when a plate and bolt were inserted in a horse's foot area.

A U.S. magistrate in Chattanooga ordered 38-year-old Barney Davis of Lewisburg detained Thursday and set an Aug. 11 bond revocation hearing.

Prosecutors seeking to revoke Davis's bond contend in a statement that he violated court-ordered conditions of his remaining free, including the training and soring of horses.

Davis and three others have pleaded not guilty to charges that include violating the federal Horse Protection Act.

Soring involves irritating a horse's foreleg and hoof to force the animal to walk with a certain gait.

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