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Chattanooga police searching for two killers

CHATTANOOGA (WRCB)-- Chattanooga police say drugs, money or both are the likely motives behind a double shooting that killed a man and critically injured his girlfriend.

The 18-year-old son of Yetta Harris told Channel 3 Eyewitness News that two men jumped him as he arrived home Wednesday night, forcing him inside his East 17th Street house. He says the men demanded money, hit him and tazed him, then threw his 7-year-old brother to the floor.

"We didn't hear anything," said neighbor Ashley Floyd. "It's after the 4th of July and kids are still playing with fireworks around here."

But instead of fireworks, gunshots rang through the neighborhood. At least 11 shots were fired. Harris' son says she was hit three times and that his mom's boyfriend, James Williams, Junior, took eight shots to the chest.

Neighbor Brooke Mansel watched as EMS workers responded to the crime scene. "They wheeled him out first and they moved her to get him out cause I guess he was in critical condition. And they put her on a stretcher and took her."

Police say Williams died on the operating table. Harris is in ICU, expected to pull through.

Homicide detectives and patrol officers worked during the overnight hours, collecting evidence and interviewing neighbors around the intersection of East 17th and Lyerly Streets to gather information about the shootings.

They say it's likely the killers knew of Williams' history as a drug dealer. He had at least six prior arrests and was scheduled to appear in court Friday on one of two cases of selling drugs that were pending against him.

Harris' daughter and son spent the afternoon trying to clean up the blood inside the house so their mom won't have to see it when she returns home.

Until she's out of the hospital, her sons are staying with family.

Meantime, investigators do tell us they have a few suspect leads and are following those now.

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