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Cooking grill falls on interstate; man hospitalized

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CHATTANOOGA (WRCB) -- A very busy stretch of Interstate 24 just past Interstate 75 has become a haven for traffic backups for various reasons.

Tuesday, around 6:30 p.m., reports of debris in the roadway caused two accidents.

We learned that debris was actually a gas cooking grill.

Ty Womac's father, Theo Womac, was on his motorcycle when he hit another car slowing down to avoid the grill.

"People are just irresponsible with equipment that they are putting on the back of a truck or on top of a car, they need to be a responsible driver," says Womac.

Theo suffered head trauma and was rushed to Erlanger.

He was wearing a helmet at the time of the incident, but it came off during his crash.

Ty Womac said he was just leaving work and driving past Germantown road at I-24 where emergency medics tended to his father.

"He had already been in a wreck right above me and I went beneath the wreck and didn't know it," Womac said.

And what's worse, he didn't know until later that night it was his father in the crash.

Police didn't get a description on the vehicle carrying the grill, but witnesses say the driver never stopped to see what happened.

A Tennessee Department of Transportation tells us dispatch was flooded with calls about the accident as cleanup took more than an hour and a half.

Jennifer Flynn with T-DOT said, "The secondary crashes are usually worse than the one that causes the wreck in the first place."

Theo Womac is recovering at Erlanger but we are told he still has bleeding in his brain.

The family is asking anyone who witnessed the incident or if you have a description of the vehicle carrying the grill to call police.

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