LAFAYETTE, WALKER COUNTY, GA. (WRCB) -- Glenda Edwards intends to figure out who is responsible for burying someone else in the spot where her father, Glenn Ash, wanted to be laid to rest.

Edwards said, "My mom and dad bought the place ten years ago and they chose where they wanted to be and once someone else is buried there it's just too late."

Her father bought a plot of land near his wife's parents, but last year another person was buried in his plot.

Edwards showed us the original paperwork, dating back to October 1999, and a $300 receipt for the purchase of the plot.

She says out of respect for the family, her father didn't want to dig the body up that was in the wrong place.

So how did this happen?

Edwards believes the plot was sold to two different owners, but the Lafayette Public Works director Vanessa Gossett said it was a simple mistake that someone got the burial sites mixed up.

The city is responsible for any casket lowered to the ground.

The cemetery used a paper filing system at the time of the incident and City Manager Johnnie Arnold said it's possible for mistakes to happen.

Since this incident Public Works has been using a GPS to locate those buried and a mapping system to make sure everyone is in the right place.

Gossett said, "That is the only place that there was a problem, everything else we have measured out and marked and know it's right."

Edwards' father agreed to a separate plot of land and the city's forgiveness, but his daughter says he may not be able to rest in peace.

"Someone else can own the deed to this plot and say we don't want him here, dig him up this is my place," says Edwards.

Lafayette Public Works urges anyone with concerns to call 706-639-1500.

Edwards has hired a lawyer to look into the matter.