HARRISON, HAMILTON COUNTY, TN. (WRCB)  --  The Hamilton County Sheriff's Office is releasing new details about a body found in Harrison Bay.

They believe 52-year-old, Alan Moultrie, may have had a medical emergency and drowned.

Moultrie was beloved by his friends and family.  He was a retired TVA accountant, husband and father to two stepsons.  He also suffered from diabetes.

Family members believe he may have fallen into the water behind his home after suffering from a hypoglycemic reaction.

"He was a great guy," says longtime friend, Rodney Wallace.  "We rode motorcycles together when we were kids." 

Wallace was getting ready for bed Monday night when a frantic phone call brought his to the creek behind his best friend's home.

"We called all the neighbors to come look," Wallace says.  "The police were blown away by how many loving neighbors we have." 

It was early afternoon when 52-year-old Moultrie and his beloved dog, Woody, came to the embankment behind the Woodland Drive home.  Moultrie planned to cook out, and spend a relaxing afternoon near the water.

"Woody was all over the yard," Wallace says.  "If Alan had been somewhere on the grounds Woody would have taken us to him." 

Moultrie's wife called 911 when she got home from work, and couldn't find him.  She found his truck, grilling equipment and Woody at the water's edge.  Wallace say he knew the inevitable when the loyal pet kept jumping in the water. 

"He kept going out on the dock and we knew," Wallace says. 

Moultrie was diagnosed with diabetes as a child.  His family believes he might have stumbled into the water after suffering from a hypoglycemic reaction.

"He brought his lunch and didn't eat it," Wallace says.  "I believe it happened before he ate his lunch." 

It was around midnight when the 52-year-old's stepson pulled his body out of the water.  When asked what he'll miss the most about his friend, the answer is simple.

"Everything," he says.  "Everything about him." 

Moultrie's official cause of death has not been released by the medical examiner's office.  Family members are waiting for his autopsy to be complete before making funeral arrangements.