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GBI investigate pharmacy thefts from Ringgold to Atlanta

RINGGOLD, CATOOSA COUNTY, GA (WRCB) -- Georgia Bureau of Investigation Agents are trying to track a band of prescription pill thieves who've hit at least a dozen pharmacies in North Georgia, racking up thousands of dollars in narcotics. 

Now they have one suspect on tape and need your help tracking him down!

The little white tablets may not look like much but the painkillers are highly addictive. They have a street value and thieves will do just about anything to get their mitts on them.

"They can grab a bottle that costs us $100 and make $2,000 on the street in 30 minutes," says Chuck Gass.

Gass owns the Ringgold Prescription Shop.

This isn't the first time he's been hit by pill thieves and knows it may not be the last.

Whoever popped the lock on his door in January, swiped about $7,000 in painkiller and has been busy according to investigators.

"They were in here about 30 seconds then they ran in and knew where to take it all off the shelf," says Gass.

Agents with the GBI believe the thieves who hit the prescription shop were caught on tape at a pharmacy in Chatsworth. You can see it seems the suspect knows what he wants and he doesn't waste anytime getting it.

"I'd much rather them come in and get it than to stick a gun in my mouth. I hope that doesn't happen, I've been lucky so far," says Gass.

Agents believe this is a burglary crew is the same crew that hit Weaver's Pharmacy in Rocky Face and about a dozen others in towns stringing from Ringgold to Atlanta.

Agents hope someone will recognize the man.

Look at his face, see if you can stop him before he strikes again.

"As good as they are, it's probably the same person...but they'll slip up sometime though," says Gass.

Eyewitnesses from the Ringgold burglary say they saw a tan or bronze sedan like a Crown Victoria.

If you recognize the man in the video or something sparks your mind about that kind of car, call Ringgold Police at 706-935-3066.  

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