APISON, HAMILTON COUNTY, TN. (WRCB)-- Some Apsion residents say they have a plan to stop home break-ins and vandalism. 

One neighborhood in Apison said they've had enough. They're tired of feeling vulnerable at home, and they're hoping a neighborhood watch will help.

Apison resident, Eric Dunkel said, "It was two in the morning, woke up startled to the home alarm going off."

Dunkel wasn't the only Apison homeowner counting his losses that mid-March night off Apison Pike. His home along with several others was broken into. The thieves cleaned out anything of worth in his basement and garage, but that's not what bothers Dunkel, a husband and father of four.

"The scary part as a parent, you know you fear for your family more than your personal," said Dunkel.

The Hamilton County Sheriff's Office found their stolen goods in a condemned house down the street. The suspects have not yet been to court. Eric said he has good reason to believe they were responsible for last week's vandalism spree, where dozens of mailboxes were ruined by four wheelers. Dunkel said with the recent hike in crime he's really kicked up his personal security.

"We've put up lights all over our property, we've put up lights on our house, we've installed video cameras to watch our area," said Dunkel.

Dunkel said he feels like his community is being cased by locals, who roam the streets after dark.

He said the sheriff's office has been great when they're called but he wants more patrol on his street.

The Sheriff's office suggests a neighborhood watch.

Janice Atkinson said, "it not only puts neighbors in touch, but they begin to know each other. and when you're organized like that you're much more aware of things that don't belong."