RED BANK, HAMILTON COUNTY, TN (WRCB) -- Red Bank City leaders are throwing around the possibility of a brown bag ordinance.

The measure would allow restaurant customers to carry in their own liquor or wine.

Some restaurant owners say "let's do it", others are a little apprehensive.

"I can see they'd be happier for them and for us and the restaurant," says Rosa Nguyen.

Nguyen opened a Vietnamese restaurant on Dayton Boulevard in Red Bank in March. Old Saigon operated in Hixson 10 years before that. There her customers would bring in their own wine.

"They bring in the wine and I say, I can't because the City of Red Bank won't allow it," says Nguyen.

Nguyen Says those weekly customers have turned into monthly visitors but she's hoping that will change. 

Red Bank City leaders are considering a brown bag ordinance, that would allow patrons to carry in their own liquor or wine.

"Yes, definitely for the wine, not brown bag wine," says Nguyen.

"Red Bank is a good city and they need more revenue as every city, I think it'd be a good thing," says David Mason, Red Bank resident.

Not everyone feels the same.

A.J. Atuna, one of the owners of Amigo's Restaurant in Red Bank, says he's neutral on the subject but is curious about how the law would be written and how restaurant management would monitor consumption or people who might be leaving with alcohol.

Mason has his own take.

"As long as people are responsible it'd be more beneficial to businesses coming into Red Bank," says Mason.

Nguyen agrees, saying "more benefit, more tax, for the City of Red Bank and for Tennessee, yes."

Some Red Bank Commissioners have voiced concerns about the ordinance but it's only in the talking phase. They'll discuss it again at their August 2nd meeting.