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UPDATED 3: Cleveland Woman Shot, Charges Pending Against Husband

CLEVELAND, BRADLEY COUNTY, TN (WRCB) -- A 911 call reveals chilling emotions moments after a Cleveland woman is shot.

On the call you can hear 25-year-old William Barnett II tell police his wife, Amanda, pulled the trigger shooting herself.  You can hear the chaos as he yells out for help.

According to a police report, there was another man in the home baby-sitting two children when he told police he heard an argument then a gunshot.

During the call, Barnett hesitates to say where his wife was shot; he just demanded help as soon as possible.

After further questioning, Barnett told the dispatcher his wife had been shot in the arm and chest.

When police arrived, Barnett had already taken his wife to SkyRidge Medical Center.

A LifeForce helicopter flew her to Erlanger in Chattanooga.

Police say conflicting stories on who pulled the trigger, could lead to charges.

Cleveland Police spokesperson Officer Evie West said, "They are collecting that evidence and charges are pending. It just depends on what the statement is from her."

Neighbors tell us they heard the couple arguing several times in the previous days, before the home turned into a crime scene Tuesday night.

Police said they'll know what to do next after Amanda is conscious and can answer more questions.

Police said Barnett has been recovering steadily and her husband has not been charged, but aggravated assault charges are pending.

Police impounded William Barnett's vehicle for evidence and hope to know more in the coming days.

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