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Teachers are "Dreaming, Daring, and Doing"

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CLEVELAND, BRADLEY COUNTY, TN (WRCB) -- High school teachers, in Cleveland and Bradley County, are "dreaming, daring and doing".

Thanks to a federal smaller learning communities grant for both school systems, presenters from the International Center for Leadership in Education spoke to teachers about meeting the needs of today's students. 

Teachers and administrators also led discussions, using skills they've learned at leadership workshops during the summer.

In many of the sessions, the focus was on new ways to get, and keep the attention of today's multi-tasking students.

"Student learning requires conversation.....they have to talk to each other to know the right answer," says Dick Jones, with International Center for Leadership in Education.

The conference was held at First Baptist Church in Cleveland. 

Organizers say programs funded by the grant are to energize teachers, resulting in great benefits for Cleveland and Bradley County students.

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