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Vandals hit storm-ravaged community

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APISON, HAMILTON COUNTY (WRCB) - Some Apison residents say vandals picked a bad time to destroy property in their community.

Investigators say vandals damaged at least a dozen mailboxes in the wee hours of the morning.  Some were simply pulled from the ground, others appeared to be knocked off the poles and banged up a bit.

"It appeared to me someone picked it up and pushed it off and it was laying straight back, not dented," says Kevin Fite.

Fite says he left for work early and didn't notice his box had been hit until his wife called.  Fite did see the damage along Apison Pike.

"I didn't even notice the box was down when I went around Apison Pike I noticed half the boxes were down in the road," says Fite.

Hamilton County Sheriff's Deputies spent the day filling out reports along Apison Pike, Red Clay and Wesleyan Rd.

"My wife called about 8:00 and she went down Wesleyan and she said there were mailboxes down all the way," says Fite.

Dents or not, Fite says even if this was intended as a prank. This is anything but funny.

"Yea they picked a bad area to do it in, after the tornadoes this is just the last thing people need, someone messing their mailboxes up," says Fite.

Hamilton County Sheriff's Deputies say they have no suspects. But, eyewitnesses say someone was on a 4 wheeler in the area at the time. 

If you have any information, please call the Hamilton County Sheriff's Office.

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